Ten “take-aways” from the Disability Pride Philadelphia’s second workshop on sex and disability

The Disability Pride Philadelphia workshop entitled “Let’s talk about disabled sex and disability. Yes we have it” was held on 10/26/19 and was a great success! I wanted to share ten things I personally took away from the workshop. Thank you to Vicki Landers and Isabel Kauffman, for putting this workshop together. I was honored to participate. Keep an eye out for the next one!

10. “FRIES” acronym for consent; Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiatic, Specific.
9. There are so many euphemisms for the words “penis”, “vagina” and “sex”. There are none for the word “elbow” because we are comfortable just saying elbow. Let’s learn to to get comfortable saying “penis”, “vagina” and “sex” too.
8. Tips on how to communicate with your partner. You can schedule planned arguments/heavy discussions with your partner for a convenient time for both of you.
7. Circles of sexuality. Sexual health is the one we talk about most, but the others are just as important. Other circles are Sensuality, Intimacy, Sexual Identity, and Sexualization. 
6. The City of Philadelphia only had one mural showing a person with a disability and it has since been taken down. We watched an amazing film  by Dykumentary that featured the mural while discussing gender identity and accessibility. 
5. WOAR is changing it’s name to…Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence.
4. Planned parenthood has a range of services including, but not limited to; cancer screening, treatment for urinary tract infections, and gender affirming care.3. How to put on an internal condom (used to be referred to as a female condom).
2. The function and accessibility features of toys from Passional.
1. That other people with disabilities besides me are interested in kink. We are planning next workshop! Yay!! 

Disability Pride Philadelphia, Inc. is committed to promoting visibility and mainstreaming awareness of the positive pride felt by disabled people and their communities.

For more information about Disability Pride and upcoming events, please contact:

Vicki Landers, Call (267) 788-5946


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