You’re disabled. You must be an angel.

At the end of every episode of DISIRabilityALT, I’ll be posting a question for you to consider.

In episode 10, I chat with comedian and disabled anti-hero Amin Lakhani (He/Him). Amin described how society tends to look at those of us with disabilities as if we’re angels and can do no wrong. How have you experienced this phenomenon? I know I have. I have experienced it when I became sexual active. I experienced it when I got a tattoo, and I experienced it when I came out as kinky.

Have you experienced that in the kink world as well as the vanilla world? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences around this topic. Go to, that’s D I S I R and share your thoughts with me.

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Image description: [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” written in black underneath. In a dark green background, there is the following text in white letters “Have people ever treated you like “you must be an angel” and you can do no wrong just because you have a disability? with angela car, (she/her), 18+”]

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