Twelve-Step Submission

In Episode 18 of DISIRabilityALT, we are talking about Twelve-step recovery and submission in a power exchange dynamic. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that these two separate worlds of mine, 12 step programs and M/s were really not all that different. They both have helped me to become a better person. They both helped me to become, not necessarily religious but spiritual. They both teach me about humility, obedience and service. They both teach me about power and powerlessness. My Higher Power that I chose today, is a nurturing, Loving God, not a punishing, judgement God. My Sir is a loving, nurturing Master. As I humble myself in service, to my Higher Power, and to my Sir, my anxiety and fears are removed on a daily basis.

Episode Cover Description [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” written in black underneath. In a yellow background, there is the following text ”12-Step Submission, with Angela Car (she/her) 18+). On the right, there is a stock photo of a staircase with yellow steps and wooden railing.]

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