Surviving the Neurotypical Munch

In Episode 19 of DISIRabilityALT, I wanted to talk about Surviving a Neurotypical Munch. I got the idea for this because I always had a hard time with social skills. I am learning more as an adult about neurodivergence and understanding why I have some learning, social and communication difficulties. I’m going to spend some time talking in this episode about Spina Bifida and Neurodivergence, and then I’m going to move into talking about conversation skills. I will discuss a book that gives really good advice on communication and could even be helpful when you find yourself at a neurotypical munch.

Episode Cover Description [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” written in black underneath. In a red background, there is the following text ”Surviving the Neurotypical Munch”, with Angela Car (she/her) 18+). On the right, there is a stock photo of a person’s hand using a piece of chalk to draw stick figures of people with lines connecting them in a diagram on a chalk board]

Full transcript of this episode can be found in the show notes. To listen/read this episode go to:

©DISIRability, Angela Car 2021

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