A Safeword for a Foot Rub. A Chat with Dave Bahr (He/Him)

I’m excited to welcome my guest, Dave Bahr (He/him) in Episode 24 of DISIRabilityALT. Dave Bahr is an author, speaker and comedian focused on demystifying the public’s perception of how to interact with people with disabilities. As founder of In-Sightful Living, Dave works as an accessibility consultant, aiding organizations to enhance their systems, environments, events, and cultures to be supportive of people with disabilities. Blind from birth, he teaches that having a disability is not a hindrance, but an asset. I’m excited to get the chance to talk with him today about communication in the vanilla world as well as around kink topics.

Dave will share with us some of his kinks and his experiences attending parties and dungeons as a blind man. He also shares about his first time going to a dungeon and we both share our experiences around being educators today. I can’t wait for you to hear what he has to share!

Dave’s work can be found at:


Where you can also buy his book called “PRAVE. The Adventures of the Blind and the Brittle.”

Dave also wrote an article on accessibility in a dungeon for Lustery, which can be found here:


Dave can be reached by email at: dave@in-sightfulliving.com

Episode Cover Description [DISIRability logo in green with a wheelchair symbol in place of the letter b. “ALT” and the text “Episode 24” are written underneath. In a dark green background on the left, there is the following text “Safeword for a Foot Rub. A Chat with Dave Bahr (He/him) of In-Sightful Living, with Angela Car (she/her) 18+)”. On the right, there is a photo of Dave sitting in a director’s chair.”

A Full transcript of this episode can be found at the podcast link. To read/listen to this episode, go to:

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